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Tackling Emergency Financial Issues the Uncomplicated Way

Maintaining a good flow of financial stability sounds like an advice that some financial advisor guy named Mike Healy writes to his clients. However, as a matter of fact, it’s not as simple as that, to be honest. Financial stability is an illusion created by a false sense of security. In real life, threats are abounding. Said threats could pose some challenges many will find hard to overcome. Life’s unpredictable nature renders it difficult for some to stay safe all the time. You wouldn’t know where or when your luck runs out and bad things befall you. In fact, precise estimation and calculation can only do so much until you eventually find out that simply living a frugal life will never be enough. You never know when life strikes at you with its “present” and drives you mad from all the demands it asks for. Last month’s bills that you skip, either intentionally or not, will finally catch up with you and all those slips will pile up higher than a mountain by the end of the day. You kids may develop a medical condition that requires emergency medical help any time. Your wife may need some money to pay for the kids’ school fees or to restock the fridge’s content. Prayers can only do so far but when life dictates things to happen, things will happen no matter what.


You may seek help from the bank and present your most valuable belonging as collateral. But, did you know that simply offering valuables to the bank would not equal to your application being approved and you will get the money easily? There is this labyrinthine bureaucracy that needs to overcome prior to you getting the money. And the key point to determine if you will get the loan is your credit report. If your credit report is good, then everything is checked out all right and you will get the loan. Problems do not stop there, however, as you still need to realize that there are interests being put on the loan you get, which you need to pay too, resulting in a bill much, much bigger than the number of cash you apply for. If you credit report comes out bad, then you can kiss goodbye to your chance of getting the cash. Credit report is what most banks use as a parameter in measuring your liability. A bad credit report will read as you being unreliable in repaying the debt. No one likes to loan some money to someone with questionable financial power.


Thus, payday loans are your best friend in this case. Payday loan providers don’t put an emphasis on your credit report. They don’t care if your credit is bad or not. They only care about if you can repay the debt on the next payday. That’s why in applying for the loan, you will be required to also include your pay slip: for them to see if you are employed, thus able to get enough money to pay the loan.